Handmade Furniture, Decor and More

Handmade Custom Hardwood Furniture and Decor

Cannon Custom Woodworking offers a wide variety of handmade furniture, decor, and other custom-made wood products. Whether you're wanting your next computer case to be a hand carved wood piece of art or you are looking to add a home arcade machine to your basement or you're looking to replicate a Bilbo's dining table from Lord of the Rings, the sky is literally the limit. We also have a full ultra high detail CNC machine for any high detail 3D designs you would like to have added to your ordered products. With our CNC machine we're also able to mill out other materials as well, not just woods. Ask us today what kind of products Cannon Custom Woodworking can make for you.

Tables & Dining

We provide the highest of quality indoor and outdoor dining handmade furniture, including dining room tables, patio tables, kitchen islands with breakfast bar seating, built-in bench seating for dining tables, and so much more. Send us your custom messurements for a quote today

Seating & Outdoor Furniture

We build a wide variety of indoor and outdoor seating and entertainment space accomodations. Some of the pieces we build include handmade furniture like patio furniture, bench seating, bar stools, poker tables, and poolside furniture, just to name a few.

Home Decor

We specialize in home decor like custom made clocks, keepsake boxes, display cases, military and veteran decor, seasonal decorations, and more. If you have a concept for a piece of home decor that you can't find anywhere in this world, know that you can find it with Cannon Custom Woodworking today.

Custom Orders & Products

There is a lot we try and cover with the products and services we provide at Cannon Custom Woodworking, but ultimately we're a well equipped shop with years and years of experience. Not much is out of the question when it comes to products that we can manufacture. If you have an idea or a dream project that you never knew where to start, start with us today.