About Us

We set up shop back in our basement in 2009 as a hobby. Most of our early products were built for our own home or to simply learn and fine tune our craftsmanship.

In 2010, we expanded from a hobby to a small business, and then in 2015 we took the next step and formed an LLC. The shop has expanded to its own separate building on our property, with many upgrades in machinery. Today we have the capability to turn wood with a lathe, do intricate designs on a scroll saw, and many different kinds of creations on a CNC machine. One of our best investments has been a Sawstop Professional cabinet saw which has all the features of a full size saw as well as the added benefit of technology that can prevent the accidental severing of fingers and hands!

Throughout the site, you notice I use the term “we”. My name is Tim Cannon, and I am the sole woodcrafter in the family and sole proprietor of Cannon Custom Woodworking, LLC. My wife, Cindi Cannon, wears several hats. First, she is the Chief Inspector. She really does have an eye for details and is especially helpful during design. While my focus is more on the technical aspects of woodcrafting, Cindi comes at it from a user experience. A dining chair might look great but when you sit in it and it and can’t reach the table top, it’s not a good user experience.

Our Attention to Detail

Cannon Custom Woodworking lets no project go out the door unless we are satisfied with it first. We make each piece as if it’s going into our own home, and that means if we have to start over on a component of the project, we do. We take the time to make prototypes of pieces to check design and fit. Depending on the project, we make multiple trips to your home to confirm measurements and gather more details if necessary. When it comes to finishing, we will stain up several stains in the same type wood as the finished product to help you make your final decision. We know buying something custom can be scary for customers. It’s just not the same as the store experience. So we work extra hard to keep customers informed throughout the project. We send pictures at different phases of the project so you can see the progress as well as provide feedback. We will communicate with you via your preference whether it’s email, phone or text. At any time during the project you have a question or concern, we invite you to reach out with your questions. Custom made means to your specifications. We like to keep the lines of communication open.